Trip to Outer Space

by Rae Alexander

Grandpa Ray gazing through his telescope

“Don’t forget to come back,” Grandma Rose begged, “I love you all so much. I couldn’t stand to not have you living here in the house with Grandpa Ray and me.”

Grandma Rose got the balloons


Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights
Balloons floating away


Everyone was so happy. They were all on their way back to earth.

Grandpa Ray glances down for a quick second and shakes his feet, “Oh my, I just stepped into some gold star dust, it’s all over my shoes!”

“Grandma Rose smiles and says to herself, “MY SPECIAL LITTLE ONES ARE HOME!”

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Read Me a sTOYry is our family's website; The Animal TOY stories are written by me, Rae Alexander, and my two daughters, Bindy Crown and Roberta Denn.

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