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Watchdog sTOYries



by Rae Alexander

Denny and J.B. live in a house with a family of five: Mom, Dad, their two sons Ramone and Ricardo, and their daughter, little Rita. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone, but Denny and J.B. are really secret detectives. Click on their stories to find out more about their secret adventures in the neighborhood.


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Who Are Denny and JB?

Little Rita’s Favorite Story Book

Toys at the Park

It’s Raining

Fun on the Stairs

The Missing Red Wagon

Little Rita Wants to be a Detective

Where’s Our Water Dish?

Little Rita’s Birthday

The Missing Skateboard

Cat & Ghost sTOYries

Muzik is a cat who lives with three little ghosts and their Grandma Rose and Grandpa Ray.  Twinkle, Sprinkle and Krinkle are the names of the three little ghosts. Grandma Rose can see and talk to all of them, but other people cannot. Everyone can see their brilliant lights and treasured gold star dust. Everyone can also hear the crinkly, eerie sounds that Krinkle makes, and the gentle, soothing music that Muzik plays.

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Who are Muzik & the Three Ghosts?

Crossover Event: Grandma’s Cookies

A Sunny Morning at the Beach

Crossover Event: A Night on the Town

A Creative Afternoon

Fun with Friends

Neighborhood Sports

Off to School

Camp Games

Trip to Outer Space

Bark Squad sTOYries

by Bindy Crown

Pookie, Chloe and Buster live together with their human family.  The three of them were adopted together by their family.  Pookie has been described as the leader of The Bark Squad. Chloe, the most energetic dog of the Squad, is an athlete when it comes to playing catch with the ball. Buster is the most quietest and laid back of the three dogs.

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Blown Off Course

Other Animal sTOYries

by Roberta Denn

When the Watchdogs and the Bark Squad pups take a nap, their neighborhood friends like to go out and have fun adventures too!  Meet their fury friends when you tiptoe into this area of exciting reading!




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The First Day of Spring

Winning the Race

Wallaby Pond

Benson’s Motto

A Special Duo

Name Game

Party on the Lily Pads

A Cardinal’s Magic

A Long-Ago Wagon Ride

About Us

Denny and J.B. are real dogs named in honor of family members, Dennis and Joseph Bryon. The Watchdog series is dedicated to them.

The Bark Squad series of Buster, Chloe, and Pookie are real dogs that live down the street in the same neighborhood. They give endless joy and happiness to their family.

The Other Animal series adds variety to your reading pleasure and will enhance your amusement and enjoyment.

The Cat & Ghost series is in remembrance of our family’s memoirs.

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