Wallaby Pond

you can name me MaisyMae

The icicles hung low on the big oak tree over Wallaby Pond.  The weather had been freezing for the last few days, so the pond had a thick layer of ice.

MaisyMae waddled her way down to the pond, hoping to see her friends.  When she got there, her two human friends, Joan and Jenny, were there, ice skating.

MaisyMae looked in amazement as she watched her friends skate over the ice on the pond.  Jenny was a great skater.  She glided easily and showed off her skills by turning in circles and jumping in the air, twirling.  Joan was just learning, and she kept falling on her bottom and slid around, only to get back up and try again.  Falling didn’t hurt her though, since she was dressed in her warm, fluffy snowsuit.

As the girls made their way around the pond, MaisyMae looked down at her webbed feet and then looked at her friend’s feet.  The girls had on fancy shoes that had a piece of metal making it easier to skate on the slippery ice.  As Joan continued to fall on her bottom, she looked at MaisyMae and saw how upset she looked.  Joan said to her, “Hey Maisy, I bet your feet are pretty smooth on the bottom and you wouldn’t even need to wear special shoes to skate on the ice!”

MaisyMae looked down at her feet and touched them softly.  They were pretty smooth.  She waddled slowly onto the ice.  She stood still to get the “feel” of her surroundings under her feet.  Maisy was afraid she was going to fall so she froze.  Jenny saw this from across the pond and stopped skating.  She cheered Maisy on and told her she could do it.   Maisy took a small step forward and felt the cold ice under her webbing.  She took another step, but this time it was more of a slide.  She went farther than when she stepped.  Joan and Jenny clapped and yelled, “YAY, look at you!  Isn’t it fun??”

Jenny went back to skating on the pond and Joan was on her hands and knees, falling once again, but having a ball.  MaisyMae slid over to her friend and put out a wing for her to hold on to.  Joan smiled and grabbed a few feathers and got herself back up on her ice skates.

When the sun was setting, MaisyMae knew it was time for her to get home.  She said goodbye to her friends and was so excited to tell her Daddy about skating on the ice for the first time.  She wanted to tell him how her friends were so encouraging, and she was able to help Joan up from the ice.  She shuffled inside the house and saw her Daddy reading the newspaper.  She jumped in front of him, grabbed his paper and couldn’t wait to tell him about her day.

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