The First Day of Spring

you can name me JuJu

…………………….and you can name me Beezy

It seemed like such a long winter, with all the snow and ice that had fallen. JuJu and Beezy were snuggled under their blankets with their squirrely, fuzzy tails “tickling” each other. And today, their noses felt a warm breeze in the air. JuJu asked his mom what day it was and she replied, “It’s the first day of Spring!” Beezy took off his blanket and peeked down below, as his home was high in a tree, and saw kids playing on the sidewalk. He turned to his brother, JuJu, and yelled, “C’mon, let’s take a closer look!”

JuJu and Beezy perched over the large branch in the tree and saw two neighbor boys playing on the sidewalk. Beezy asked his mom if they could play outside for a while and she said, “Be back for lunch.”

JuJu and Beezy ran down the trunk of the tree as fast as they could. The air felt so warm as they headed towards the grass. They wanted to get as close to the neighbor boys as they could because they were playing with something that was lit up and rolling down the sidewalk. JuJu and Beezy stopped in their tracks when the neighbor boys started talking.

“It’s my turn now, Ramone! You’re hogging it!”

“Just a minute, Ricardo. I’m almost done.”

JuJu and Beezy had never SEEN such a toy before. This toy had lights all over it and it had two wheels that also lit up. They watched as one of the boys used his foot to push the toy, as the other foot stood on it. JuJu turned to Beezy and whispered, “I wish WE could play on that toy!” Just then, the other boy, turned away from his brother, and looked right at the squirrel-brothers. The boy asked them, “Do you want a ride on our new scooter?” Beezy’s eyes opened wide, along with his brother, JuJu, and they both squealed together, “Yes Please!”

By now, Ramone had stopped riding the scooter and joined the conversation. “Hey Ricardo, why don’t you ride the scooter now and take one of them and then I’ll ride the scooter after you with the other.” He then looked at JuJu and Beezy and said, “Hi, by the way! I’m Ramone and this is my brother, Ricardo.” JuJu smiled and introduced himself and his brother too. Ricardo grinned and said, “Ok, JuJu, you first. Let’s go!”

After JuJu and Beezy both got a few turns on the scooter with Ramone and Ricardo, they heard their mom calling them. “Let’s go boys, it’s time for lunch!” Beezy looked at the neighbor boys and fluffed his tail at them. “We have to go Ramone and Ricardo. But it was very nice to meet you both and thank you so much for sharing your scooter.

Ramone replied, “I’m glad you guys had fun. I’m so glad we met you. Maybe you can come by tomorrow and we can do it again.” JuJu now joined in and said, “That would be so much fun. We will ask our mom as soon as we get home. See you later.”

Ramone and Ricardo waved goodbye to the squirrels and JuJu and Beezy ran towards the tree so they could get home and eat their lunch.

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