Who are Denny and J.B.?

You can name me Denny

…………………….and you can name me J.B

Denny and J.B. are black dogs that love to sneak out in the neighborhood to help out and assist anyone who needs them. They are really secret detectives.

They live with a family of five, Mom and Dad, their two sons, Ramone and Ricardo, and their daughter, little Rita.

No one in the family knows that Denny and J.B. sneak out into the neighborhood to help. The dogs hide all their detective equipment in their doghouse.

Denny and .J.B. both love their doghouse in the backyard except for one thing. The doghouse is Pink! Pink is for girls and Denny and .J.B. are boys. Even though they don’t like the color they think that it is a great place to hide all their detective equipment.

At night Mom insists the dogs sleep out in the doghouse in the backyard. As soon as they get into the doghouse they look for their badges. They wear their badges around their neck on their collar only at night so that no one knows their secret.

“It’s time to go to bed little Rita,” Mom said, “Go find Denny and J.B. and bring them out to their doghouse now.” Little Rita looked up at Mom, “Okay, but where are they?” Little Rita looked under the couch, behind the chair and on the stairs. They were no where. “Oh, maybe they already went outside.” Sometimes Denny and J.B. sneak out the doggie door through the backdoor in the kitchen to play outside in the backyard.

Little Rita went outside to see. They were not there. She went over and peaked in the window of their doghouse. Oh, my gosh, what she saw! Denny was playing with his magnifying glass and J.B. was trying on a badge.

Little Rita discovered their secret! And she was going to keep it a secret, not only from the family, but she decided not to let Denny and J.B. know that she knew about it either.

Oh what fun she was going to have knowing that they were detectives, but Denny and J.B. would NOT know that she knew.

Now little Rita has a secret too!!!

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