Little Rita’s Favorite Story Book

You can name me Denny

…………………….and you can name me J.B.

“Let’s go up to little Rita’s room and find some books to look at after breakfast,” Denny says to J.B. between mouthfuls.

“OK, sure, I like to snoop around in little Rita’s room. Maybe we can even get her to read a book to us while we are up there,” J.B. replied back.

After Denny and J.B. finished eating their breakfast they made their way up the stairs to little Rita’s room. Little Rita was in her room sitting at her desk working on one of her activity books. She loved her dog activity books. It was a lot more fun for her to work on activities in a book instead of just reading a book by itself.

Little Rita looked over at the door and saw Denny and J.B. coming in her room. “Hi Denny and J.B., what are you guys doing this morning?”

“We came up for a story,” they both answered back to her.

“OK,” little Rita said, “just wait until I finish this page in my dog activity book and I’ll find a good story for you.”

So little Rita continued to work on her page in the activity book. When she finished she exclaimed “that sure was fun, I can’t wait to work on some more pages, but I’ll stop for now and find a good story that you both will love.”

Little Rita got up from her desk and walked over to her book shelf on the wall. Little Rita loved to just read books too, they were not as much fun as her activity books, but she loved to read stories too. She had three places in her room to keep all her reading and activity books. There was a book shelf on the wall, a bookcase that sat on the floor next to her bed, and a book bin that she kept on the floor that held all her activity books.

“Hmmmm, let’s see, which one of these books has a good story in it for you . . . this one. . .or this one . . . no I think you both will love this one.”

So little Rita grabbed the book off the wall shelf and read the book to Denny and J.B. When she got up to put the book back on the wall shelf she noticed one of her favorite reading books was not there. And it was her favorite book. It was a collection of stories and she loved all the stories in it.

She looked down at Denny and J.B. and asked them to help her find the book.

“Of course we will help you look for your book,” Denny and J.B. said together. Little Rita started crying because she thought she had lost her favorite book.

Since Denny and J.B. were secret detectives they were sure they could find it. They wondered if little Rita knew they were detectives since she asked them to help find her book.

Denny went and looked under the bed. It wasn’t there. J.B. jumped up on the bed and flipped up the bed pillow to see if the book was under the pillow. It wasn’t there either.

“Where could it be?” little Rita said tearfully, “What happened to my favorite book?”

Denny had an idea. He went over to the bookcase on the floor next to little Rita’s bed and started reading the titles of all the books on the shelves. Not there.

J.B. tried looking in the book bin on the floor with all the activity books.

“I found it, I found it!” J.B. exclaimed. “You must have put it here in the activity book bin instead of up on the wall shelf.”

“Oh, thank you, thank you for all your help! I’m so happy you found it for me. As a special treat I’ll read you my favorite story from this book.” Little Rita opened the book to her favorite story and read it to Denny and J.B.

Denny and J.B. loved little Rita’s favorite story too.

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