Benson’s Motto

You can name me Benson

and you can name us Flurry and Fluffy

Benson was a happy little bunny.  He was a good boy when he was around his mama.  But when mama wasn’t around, Benson’s curiosity would get him into a bit of trouble.  Whenever he was caught and tattled on, his mama would give him that “look” and Benson would snuggle up to his mama and all was forgiven.  “It’s okay to get into a little mischief,” was his motto!

One day, Benson was hopping along the sidewalk, looking for some fun, and saw a yard with a big brown fence around it.  He could smell all sorts of sweet smells.  “FLOWERS!” Benson squealed.  He raced over to the fence and took a sniff under the fence.  He could smell sunflowers, his favorite!  He peeped his eye between the wood planks, and saw all sorts of pansies, petunias, and lilies.  “There’s a feast waiting for me in there!” Benson cried.  The only problem was this fence!  “The owner of this house must not want bunnies to go back there,” he thought.  Just then, he saw a huge figure in the backyard putting out a sprinkler to water the flowers.  “This must be the owner.  He doesn’t look that mean, just big!” Benson said to himself. 

The mischievous side of Benson was getting the best of him.  He smirked knowing he could find a way to get back there and munch on a couple sweets without being caught.  Benson looked around to figure out how to get back to this magical house and off he went. “I’ll be back tomorrow, with some friends.” Benson said aloud.

The following day, Benson’s mama had to care for his little sisters, so he went next door and grabbed his two bunny friends, Flurry and Fluffy.  The three of them took off to the magical house with the big brown fence.  On their way, they had to come up with a way to get inside.  “How many humans are out there?” Flurry asked.  Benson quickly replied, “There was only one, but he had a sprinkler.”  The three of them stopped and looked at one another, remembering at the same time, the last yard they tried getting into…. The owner saw them and sprayed them with a hose until they took off.  All three of them laughed together because later that evening, they went back to that house and ate up all the lilies after finding a hole to squeeze through in the fence.

“This one looks a little harder.  The fence is different than the other one,” Benson told his buddies.  Fluffy chuckled and said, “Well, I am smaller than you both, so this may work out best for me!”

The bunnies sprang over to the fence.  Each took a corner to see if they could see the big human Benson saw yesterday…. No one was in the yard.  Now they needed to find a place that they could sneak in.  Fluffy’s eyes lit up when he saw all the lilies in the yard.  Those were his favorite!!

Benson went to the corner of the yard, where there was a bush.  He noticed that there was a spot that wasn’t covered by the fence.  He whistled for his friends to come by him.  The bunnies gathered at the corner.  Fluffy said, “We better hurry up and find a way.  The human could come out at any time.”  Benson used his front paws and started digging.  Fluffy asked, “Are you sure we should be doing this?”  Benson smirked at his friends and said, “It’s okay to get into a little mischief.”  The bunnies giggled and joined in on the digging.  Once the hole was big enough for all three bunnies, they took turns and jumped through the hole.

Once the three little naughty bunnies found their way inside the yard, they all stopped and looked around to see all the beautiful flowers and smell the air that smelled so sweet.

Flurry and Fluffy ran over to the lilies and started to nibble.  The sunflowers were a bit further from the hole and so Benson had to travel across the yard to get to his favorite treat.  However, as he got to the sunflowers, he saw a shadow near the house.  He looked over by the door and saw a large figure walk outside onto the steps with a pail and shovel.  It was that big guy from yesterday!

“You bad bunny.  I’m going to get you!” He heard the human yell.  Benson figured he came this far…. He grabbed one of the sunflowers in his mouth and made a run for it.  He tried to whistle with the flower in his mouth, but it was muffled.  Flurry and Fluffy saw Benson dart across the yard and knew there was trouble.  They nibbled their last bite and followed Benson.  The three of them made there way to the hole they made but not before a huge splash of water fell on Benson.  He was soaking wet but kept running and refused to let go of the sunflower in his mouth.  They made it on the other side of the big brown fence and could still hear the human yelling at them with the water bucket in his hands.  Flurry and Fluffy made it out without getting wet but Benson was going to have some explaining to do to his mama when he got home.

The boys laughed as they hopped about talking about the look on the human’s face when he saw the three of them eating his flowers.  Flurry asked Benson, “Isn’t your mama going to be mad at you when she sees how wet you are?  She’s going to know you were a naughty boy.”  Benson thought about this, spit the sunflower on the ground and then said, “My mama will understand.  It’s okay to get into a little mischief.”  He then shook his wet body and nibbled on his prize, sharing it with his friends.

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