The Missing Red Wagon

You can name me Denny

…………………….and you can name me J.B.

J.B. looked over at little Rita and said, “I’m hungry.” “Me too”, Denny repeated, “I’m hungry too!”

Little Rita and Denny and .J.B. were outside by the swimming pool. They had all been out by the swimming pool all morning and it was getting close to lunch. Even little Rita was getting hungry.

“Hey little Rita, what’s for lunch today?” Denny asked. “I don’t know yet, I have to go tell Mom that we are all getting hungry. I’ll go in the house and ask her and let you guys know.”

Little Rita found Mom in the basement washing clothes. She told Mom that they were all getting pretty hungry. Mom said that she would fix them some sandwiches and bring the sandwiches out to them. Little Rita wondered and asked if it was okay for the dogs to eat sandwiches. Mom said she was going to make them a sandwich out of their favorite dog food so they could eat a sandwich too.

Little Rita ran back outside to let Denny and J.B. know that lunch was on its way and that they could expect a delicious surprise. Little Rita had a great idea. When the sandwiches arrived she was going to put them on her red wagon and pretend that she was grilling outside just like her Dad does. That would make lunch even better!

Little Rita thought she could use her red wagon as a pretend grill. She looked all over the yard for it and she could not find it. She knew that Denny and J.B. were secret detectives so she decided to ask them if they could help her find it before Mom brought out their sandwiches.

Denny asked J.B. why would little Rita ask them to help find her red wagon. Could she know their secret? If she did, she did not let on that she knew about them being secret detectives.

Denny ran over to their doghouse to see if it could be between their doghouse and the garage. He wanted to go into the garage and look, but he did not want little Rita to know that he and J.B had dug a tunnel into the garage. If little Rita found out she just might tell Dad. Dad would be really mad and fill the tunnel back up with dirt.

“I know,” J.B stated, “let’s go find little Rita’s brother, Ricardo, and see if he can help us out. If we can’t find Ricardo then we can ask her brother, Ramone.” Denny and J.B told little Rita to wait in the backyard while they proceeded to check things out with her brothers.

Denny found Ricardo in the Rec room watching TV. He asked Ricardo if he knew where little Rita’s red wagon was. Ricardo said he had no idea. So Denny and J.B went to find Ramone. He was up in his bedroom playing games on his computer. Denny tapped Ramone on the shoulder with his paw and asked, “Hey Ramone, would you happen to know where little Rita’s red wagon is?”

“I do,” Ramone said back to Denny, “I last saw it in the garage next to Mom’s car. “

“OK, great, we will let little Rita know where to find her red wagon.”

As Denny and J.B walked down the stairs they chuckled with each other about what a great idea it was to go ask little Rita’s brothers where her red wagon could be instead of going through their tunnel into the garage. This way little Rita would not know that they were secret detectives. They would tell her that Ramone knew where her red wagon was. Oh sure they did some detective work by going to Ricardo and Ramone to see if they knew, but little Rita should not suspect that they were secret detectives . . . they told her they were going to ask her brothers to find out if they had seen the red wagon. Much different than sneaking out at night to solve a case.

They found little Rita and told her that Ramone said that her red wagon was in the garage. She should go tell Mom and ask her to open the garage so that she can get her red wagon out to pretend that it is a grill for their sandwiches.

Little Rita ran into the house to ask Mom to get her red wagon from the garage. Mom brought out sandwiches for them and went into the garage to get the red wagon. Little Rita then put the sandwiches on her pretend grill on the red wagon to cook them.

When she decided that the sandwiches were done they all sat down at the picnic table and had their delicious “pretend grilled” sandwiches.

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