The Missing Skateboard

You can name me Denny

…………………….and you can name me J.B.

“Good Morning Denny and J.B.,” little Rita said. “How was your night?”

“If she only knew” thought Denny. Denny runs over to little Rita and gives her his good morning lick and hug. As usual, J.B. hides in the corner of the doghouse. He likes to have little Rita reach in and grab him. To him it feels like she is giving him a huge, big, bear hug.

Little Rita brings Denny and .J.B. in the house for breakfast. When they are done eating they trot up the stairs into Ricardo’s bedroom to wake him. Ricardo is a teenager, he stays up late and then sleeps late in the morning.

“Did you see us outside last night?” J.B. asks Ricardo. “No,” Ricardo said back, “I stayed up late playing my iPad.”

Good,” J.B. thought to himself, because we snuck over to our dog friend’s house down the street. If Ricardo didn’t see them leave then no one knows they left their doghouse last night. Their dog friend’s name is Magic and he has super magical powers.

The reason Denny and J.B. went to see Magic last night was to see if Magic could help them out on one of their cases.

Denny saw that the little girl who just moved in at the house on the corner was crying all the time. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong at her house to make her cry all the time. Even though they are secret detectives they don’t always come up with the answer . . . at least not right away.

But they knew that Magic had super magical powers. They knew this from doing some detective work in the past. Any time there was a lost dog in the neighborhood the dogs were magically brought back to their own homes where they lived. And their good friend Magic always seemed to have something to do with it.

A few days ago Denny and J.B. found a skateboard in the field down the street. They wanted to bring it to the owner but didn’t know who it belonged to.

This is what happened when Denny and J.B. snuck out of the house last night to find help:

Denny and J.B. ran down to the field to retrieve the skateboard. Denny and J.B. rode around the neighborhood on it until they got to Magic’s house. They saw Magic sitting in the window. Magic came out of his house when he heard Denny and J.B. barking outside.

“Can you help us out on this case we are working on?” Denny asked. “Sure,” Magic replied back.

They asked Magic to help them figure out who the owner of the skateboard was by using his magical powers. Magic went back in the house and then came out with a magic wand in his mouth.

“We found this skateboard in a field down the street. We can’t figure out who it belongs to, can you?”

“Let me tap my magic wand on it first. Magic thought for awhile. “Oh, yes, it belongs to the little girl who just moved in at the house on the corner.”

Denny and J.B. compliment Magic for his wonderful work on the case, “Thanks Magic, great job!”

Then Denny explains to Magic that they will both ride the skateboard down to the little girl’s house. They plan to leave it in her backyard for her to see. “Thanks again Magic!”

So Denny and J.B. rode the skateboard down to the corner house where the little girl lived who cried all the time. They went through the gate on the front of the house to get to the backyard and then left it by her tree swing so she would find it when she came out to play on her swing.

And they never heard her cry again. They knew that they had done a great job by going to Magic for help in finding her skateboard.

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