Little Rita’s Birthday

You can name me Denny

…………………….and you can name me J.B.

“Little Rita’s birthday is coming up soon,” Denny said to J.B., “What should we get her for her birthday?” J.B. thought for awhile and couldn’t come up with an idea. Denny suggested that they put on their detective hats, jackets and spy glasses and go out into the neighborhood and see what all the other kids were playing with.

“Okay, that sounds like a great idea Denny,” J.B. replies, “but Denny, how and when can we sneak out without little Rita knowing where we are?”

Denny shared his idea, “Little Rita goes to Summer Day Camp in the morning so we can sneak out tomorrow morning after she leaves. She will never know we are not at home because she is not at home herself!”

J.B. was so excited about going out and roaming through the neighborhood during the day that he could hardly sleep. He wanted to make sure he did not miss seeing little Rita leave in the car with her mother in the morning to go to camp. He kept peeking out the doghouse window to make sure he did not miss her leaving.

The sun finally beamed through their doghouse window. It was daylight and little Rita and her mother would be leaving pretty soon. Denny and J.B. left their doghouse and played in the backyard so they could see when little Rita left to go to camp.

When they saw the car pull out of the garage they went back into their doghouse to put on their detective hats, jackets and spy glasses. They then went outside and ran over to the corner of the fence in the backyard. In the beginning of summer they had dug a tunnel behind the bush in the corner of the fence so Dad would not know it was there. It was their escape route to the neighborhood.

Denny and J.B. made their way through their tunnel into the neighbor’s yard. The neighbor had several dogs. If the neighbor caught them sneaking out of their own yard they would just tell the neighbor that they were just coming over to play with their dogs.

“I see a lot of toys over by their back porch, maybe we should go over and take a look. We might get some good ideas right here,” Denny said. J.B. looked over at Denny and asked, “Oh, but it would be so much fun to go out further into the neighborhood during the day and see what’s going on, don’t you think?”

“Okay,” Denny agreed, “let’s check out what toys are by the back porch here and then we can still go out and look for more ideas of what to get little Rita for her birthday.”

They made their way over to the back porch and saw a car and a roller coaster. But the most fun thing that Denny and J.B. loved that was in the neighbor’s yard was a sandbox. If they get a sandbox then they could play in it too.

After running in and out of the sandbox a few times they decided to head out into the neighborhood and check out some of the toys that might be in some of the other neighbor’s yards. They really liked the sandbox. They especially liked the sandbox because it was something that they too could have fun in while playing with little Rita.

They crawled along in a ditch under a fence to get to one of the neighbor’s yards who they knew. Their dog was a good friend of theirs. They saw a tractor and wagon parked next to the garage. J.B. hopped in to see how it looked on the inside. It was pretty neat looking, but nothing compared to that sandbox.

They went back through the ditch to another neighbor’s yard. They saw a bike. “Hmmmm,” Denny said to J.B., “maybe little Rita could give us a ride on the back of the bike?” “Well, we’ll see,” J.B. said back to Denny, “I still like the sandbox, if we get that then we can play with little Rita every time she goes out to play in it.”

“Great! I love it too,” Denny agreed, “let’s get it then for little Rita for her birthday!”

Denny and J.B. made their way back to their own house. They went into the house through their doggie door and up the stairs to Ramone’s bedroom. They knew that Ramone had a computer in his bedroom. They would use Ramone’s computer to order the sandbox from the Amazon website.

Denny hopped up onto the chair and turned on the computer. He called up the Amazon website and found a sandbox that he liked; one that was big enough for little Rita and the two of them to play in.

After Denny placed the order he looked over at J.B. and chuckled, “little Rita is going to love this surprise birthday present . . . and Dad is going to be surprised too . . . when he gets the bill!!

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