Who are Muzik & the Three Ghosts?

You can call me Muzik. . . . .

and you can call us Twinkle………Sprinkle……….and Krinkle…..

Muzik is a cat who lives with three little ghosts and their Grandma Rose and Grandpa Ray. Muzik is a beautiful gray and white cat, that, when he wants to, can light himself up to glow with many colors. And, as his name implies, Muzik can also play music. Muzik is also a ghost, a ghost cat.

Twinkle, Sprinkle and Krinkle are the names of the three other little ghosts. Twinkle and Sprinkle are little girls. Twinkle brightens up a room with her colorful lights that sparkle for all to see. Sprinkle always carries her precious gold star with her so she can sprinkle her gold star dust. She loves it when people see the gold star dust that she left and wonder where it came from.

Krinkle, their brother, loves to make crinkly, eerie sounds that scare real people who can hear the spooky sounds he makes.

Grandma Rose can see and talk to all of them, but Grandpa Ray and other people cannot actually see the ghosts. Real people can, however, see their brilliant lights and treasured gold star dust. They can also hear the crinkly, eerie sounds that Krinkle makes and the gentle, soothing music that Muzik plays.

The neighbors often wonder who Grandma Rose is talking to. They never see anyone standing by Grandma Rose when Grandma is talking and laughing except for every now and then they see Grandpa Ray. But they do often see beautiful lights that light up the room and go up as far as the sky. And they also can hear the soothing, lullaby music playing over at Grandma Rose and Grandpa Ray’s house. Sometimes the music sounds scary, you know, crinkly and eerie sounding.

And the neighbors can never figure out where all the gold star dust comes from that they find in their yards! The grass in their yards glisten and the streets in the neighborhood glimmer with gold star dust. The gold star dust even shines in the sunlight during the day. The neighbors all wonder if the gold star dust fell from the dark midnight sky and whether it could be magical?

“Good Morning, Grandma Rose, how do you think our day will be today?” Grandpa Ray asks with a twinkle in his eye. He likes to tease Grandma Rose a bit about her talking to children and pets that are not there. He never ever sees any of them. He wonders if she is just lonely so she makes them up so she has some company.

“How should I know, Grandpa Ray, the day is just getting started. It looks like it’s going to be a bright sunny day out today. You should go outside today and finish up all your yard work. I’ll be fine here in the house. Perhaps my little friends will come out while you are busy outside to keep me company.”

“Now Grandma Rose, there are no little friends in this house. I think you just like to make it all up to have some fun. But for today, while I am outside all day, I will go along with it for you.”

So Grandpa Ray eats his breakfast and then goes out into the garage to find his tools to finish up the yard work he had started yesterday.

Grandma Rose begins to wash up the breakfast dishes and hears a meow coming from under the kitchen table. “It must be coming from the running kitchen faucet,” she says to herself, “because Grandpa Ray keeps insisting no one else is living in this house.”

She turns around to peek under the kitchen table, and sure enough, there he is, Muzik the cat. “Hello there, little cat, how are you doing this fine morning?” she inquires.

Muzik looks up at her and purrs that he is doing quite well this morning. “Can I play you some music to entertain you while Grandpa Ray is outside all day today?”

“Oh yes, Muzik, I love your melodies, and play them loud so Grandpa Ray can hear them too. He does not believe me when I tell him we have a musical cat named Muzik living here in the house with us.”

Muzik played his melodies for Grandma Rose to enjoy. Grandpa heard the music coming from the kitchen window and said to himself, “I am so glad that Grandma Rose turned on the radio. I know how she loves to listen to music!”

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