Crossover Event: Grandma’s Cookies

You can call me Muzik. . . . .

and you can call us Twinkle…..Sprinkle……and Krinkle

Grandpa Ray looks over at Granma Rose and sighs, “I can’t figure out what happens to all the cookies. You make such delicious cookies. I see you baking them, I come to get one, and all of a sudden they are all gone.”

Grandma Rose gets a strange look on her face. She gulps. She feels bad. She knows what happens to all the cookies. She doesn’t want to tell Grandpa Ray so she just pretends not to know.

“I don’t know, Grandpa Ray, I sure don’t know how they disappear so fast. I thought you loved them and was eating all of them yourself.”

Grandpa Ray answers back, ”You mean you’re not the one eating them all right after you bake them?”

Grandma Rose just sits there looking back at Grandpa Ray with a puzzled look on her face.

Grandpa thinks about it for a few minutes and tries to figure out what he should do about it. He comes up with several solutions.

He could set a mouse trap in the cupboard by the cookie jar to try to catch whoever is taking the cookies.

Or, he could stay up all night and keep a close eye on the kitchen. He can sit in his recliner chair and watch TV. That way he can see who goes in and out of the kitchen all night long.

Or, better yet, he decides to call in the Bark Squad who lives down the street. Perhaps they can catch who ever is taking all the cookies.

Grandpa Ray pulls out his cell phone from his pocket and dials up the Bark Squad.

“Hello, is this the Bark Squad? Well, this is Grandpa Ray who lives down the street from you. I need your help!!! Someone is taking all our cookies.”

Pookie from the Bark Squad replies back to Grandpa Ray, “OK, Grandpa Ray, don’t worry, we will come right over to your house.”

So The Bark Squad, Buster, Pookie and Chloe, hurry and put on their police gear and hop into their squad car and drive down to Grandpa Ray’s house.

They park in front of the house and all three get out of the squad car and go up to the front door. Chloe knocks on the door and they wait for someone to come.

Grandpa Ray hears the knock at the front door. He goes to the door to see who it is and sees that it is the Bark Squad. “Come on in you guys, I’m so glad you are here. We can’t figure out who is taking all the cookies from the cookie jar that we store in the cupboard in the kitchen.”

Of course, Grandma Rose knows who is eating all the cookies. She sits down at the kitchen table and is very quiet. She is hoping that the Bark Squad doesn’t figure it out. Grandpa Ray wouldn’t believe it anyway. He still thinks that Grandma Rose makes up the little ghosts and the ghost cat living with them in the house.

Grandma Rose feels Muzik kick her foot under the kitchen table. Grandma Rose knows to be quiet and not say anything. She hopes Muzik is smart enough not to light up his lights or play his music while the Bark Squad is here in the house.

The Bark Squad looked on the kitchen floor to see if they could see any foot prints. There were no foot prints. They checked the kitchen cupboard for any finger prints. There were no finger prints. And there were no cookie crumbs left behind anywhere in the kitchen either.

What they did find though on the kitchen floor were specs of what the Bark Squad thought was gold glitter. The Bark Squad guessed that Grandma Rose was probably working on some crafts and she spilled a few specs of gold glitter on the floor.

“We don’t find anything here in the kitchen that tells us who is taking all your cookies,” Buster tells Grandpa Ray.

Grandma Rose cringes. She sees one of the little ghosts, Twinkle, come into the room. “I hope she knows not to light up the room while the Bark Squad is here,” she says to herself.

Grandma Rose wonders where the other two little ghosts are, Sprinkle and Krinkle. She’s afraid if Muzik or Twinkle light up the room, or if Sprinkle drops gold star dust, or if Muzik and Krinkle make noise, they will all be in big trouble with Grandpa Ray. And if the Bark Squad sees and hears them, the Bark Squad may just figure out who is taking all the cookies.


Can you figure out who is taking all the cookies, or should the Bark Squad call in the Watchdogs to help them out?

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…………………You can call us Buster…………Pookie…….and Chloe

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