A Creative Afternoon

You can call me Muzik. . . . .

and you can call us Twinkle…..Sprinkle……and Krinkle

“It’s going to be a very special day for my little ones today,” Grandma Rose said to Muzik and the three little ghosts as they got up from the kitchen table after finishing their breakfast. “I have a very special afternoon planned for all of us today.”

“What, where, when?” The three little ghosts asked.

Muzik chimed in, “Will it be a special day for me too?”

Grandma Rose replied, “Yes, for all of us! I plan to take everyone to the Ceramics store this afternoon while Grandpa Ray is out golfing with his buddies.”

“What’s a Ceramics store?” Twinkle asked.

“I never heard of a Ceramics store before,” Sprinkle stated.

“Yeh, what is it?” asked Krinkle .

Muzik didn’t care whether he knew what a Ceramics store was or not. He just knew he wanted to go along too.

Grandma Rose explained, “We are all going to work on a craft this afternoon. First you pick out a piece of pottery that you’d like to paint. Then you paint it! I thought everyone would have so much fun painting pottery this afternoon. The pottery is sold at a Ceramics store.”

“Oh, you are right Grandma Rose, what fun this afternoon is going to be. I’ve never painted pottery before,” Twinkle remarked.

“Me either,” Sprinkle added.

Krinkle shared that he had never done a craft painting pottery either. And of course, Grandma Rose let Muzik know that he was welcome to come along if he wanted to paint pottery too.

Grandma Rose shares her plan with everyone, “We will wait until Grandpa Ray leaves to go play golf. I’ll tell Grandpa Ray that I’m going to the Ceramics store to paint a vase for his flowers that he brings me from his flower garden.”

The afternoon came and Grandpa Ray left the house to go play golf. Grandma Rose told everyone to get ready to go. “We can walk downtown to the Ceramics store, it’s just a couple blocks away from here.”

They all walked down the street together holding hands and talking about what a fun afternoon it was going to be. Muzik hopped on Grandma Rose’s shoulder for a free ride. When they got to the Ceramics store the store clerk could only see Granma Rose. She didn’t know that Grandma Rose brought all her little friends in with her.

The store clerk greeted her, “How are you doing today, Grandma Rose?”

“I’m fine, thank you. I’d like to pick out quite a few pieces to work on this afternoon. I’ll let you know when I’m done and you can find a table for me to work on in the back room.”

“Sure,” the store clerk replied, “Just let me know when you are ready.”

So, Grandma Rose told everyone they could each pick out two pottery pieces to paint.

Twinkle found rocks she could decorate. She browsed around some more and found a butterfly that she really liked. It came in a set so she was able to get other pieces as well.

Sprinkle had her eye on a tea set that she saw right away as they first came in to the store. Then she found some cupcakes that she thought would go really well with the tea set.

Krinkle took a long time to find what he wanted. He finally decided on a turtle and frog set, and he especially liked the stepping stone set. He already knew right where he wanted to put all of them at Grandpa Ray’s house when he was finished.

And of course Muzik saw a couple cats that he immediately wanted because he’s a cat himself. He also saw some musical wind chimes hanging from the ceiling that he thought would be great for him to paint too. After all, he loved music. Both items were perfect for him to work on.

In addition to the vase Grandma Rose picked out to paint, she found a really nice 55 piece set of pottery pieces to take home for her little pals to paint later on at home. She knew that they were going to love painting and wanted to have pottery pieces in the house for them to paint.

After they all picked out the pieces they wanted to paint, Grandma Rose asked the clerk for a table and brought all the pottery pieces into the painting room.

“Wow!” exclaimed the store clerk, “Are you going to paint all these today?”

Grandma Rose told the store clerk that she was a pretty fast painter. She added that she would have them all done in a couple hours!

Everyone worked on painting all their pottery pieces. As they sat at the table together, they talked together, and laughed together, and had such a good time working on a painting project all together.

When everyone was done painting Grandma Rose called the store clerk into the room to tell her she had finished painting all her pottery pieces. The store clerk was amazed that Grandma Rose got all the pottery pieces done so fast and all by herself. And, they all looked amazingly beautiful after being painted.

The store clerk couldn’t help but notice that the rocks and butterfly had been painted with the most brilliant combination of colors she had ever seen. She didn’t know that Twinkle painted them to match her own magnificent, colorful lights.

The tea set and cupcakes just sparkled. The store clerk didn’t know that Sprinkle had painted the tea set and cupcakes and had sprinkled some of her gold star dust in with the paint!

The turtle and frogs seemed to have a crinkly sound to them when the store clerk picked them up. And the stepping stones made just a slight eerie sound when she stepped on them. She didn’t know that Krinkle had placed some of his own talents into his pottery pieces!

The cats turned out absolutely darling. And the wind chimes? The wind chimes started playing the most wonderful music that she had ever heard. Who would have know that it was really a musical ghost cat that painted the charming designs on the cat pottery and wrote the lovely music for the wind chimes!

The store clerk praised Grandma Rose, “Grandma Rose, I can’t believe what a wonderful job you did painting all these pottery pieces! I’ve never in my life seen such superb work. Your vase is very nice too, but the work you did on all the other pottery pieces is just outstanding!”

“Why thank you for your compliment, I surely appreciate you saying that,” Grandma Rose replied back.

The store clerk packaged up all the pottery pieces for Grandma Rose to take home and they all walked back to the house. After they got home Muzik and the three little ghosts placed their pottery pieces throughout the yard and in the house for Grandpa Ray to see.

Twinkle laid her rocks on the ground in front of the house and she put her butterfly in the bushes. It looked absolutely stunning with all the brilliant colors she used!

Sprinkle put her tea set and cupcakes in the center of the kitchen table. Her pottery centerpiece not only glistens during the day, but it really sparkles when the kitchen light is off and the room is dark.

Krinkle put his frog, turtles and stepping stones in Grandpa Ray’s flower garden. The frog and turtles look like a real frog and real turtles now that they are painted. And with the stepping stones making that slight eerie sound, he hoped that Grandpa Ray wouldn’t be scared. After all, it was just all for fun!

Muzik kept the pottery cats for himself because the cats were also banks. He wanted to save his money in the cat banks. But he hung his wind chimes on the house by the patio in the backyard. He told Grandma Rose that if there ever wasn’t enough wind to play his wind chimes that he would jump up on the wind chimes and swing back and forth on them to make the sounds of his delightful music for everyone in the house to enjoy.

And Grandma Rose set her special vase that she painted for Grandpa’s flowers on the coffee table in the living room. She put away the extra pottery piece set that she bought for her little buddies to do at a later time.

Grandpa Ray got back from playing golf and noticed all the new pottery pieces throughout the yard and in the house. He asked Grandma Rose where all the special pottery pieces came from?

Grandma Rose looked back at Grandpa Ray with a big smile on her face . . . and winked!!


Do you like to paint pottery?

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