Crossover Event: A Night on the Town

You can call me Muzik. . . . .

and you can call us Twinkle…..Sprinkle……and Krinkle

Krinkle complains to Twinkle and Sprinkle, “I’m getting tired of playing games and reading books all the time at night. Let’s do something really fun tonight for a change!”

“Like what?” Twinkle asks.

Krinkle continues to grumble, “I don’t know. But something a little more exciting than the same old games and same old ghost stories. I’m so sick and tired of playing “Geistes Ghost Blitz,” and reading the stories in the book “Grandpa’s Ghost Stories.” Please, can we just do something else tonight?”

Sprinkle questions Krinkle further, “Do you mean that you want to try a different game or read a different kind of story? Why are you getting tired of our ghost games and ghost stories? You win everytime we play “Geistes Ghost Blitz..” And I thought you loved reading stories to Muzik from “Grandpa’s Ghost Stories.”

“We have no excitement in our life at night. We need to go out and do something really fun for a change,” Krinkle explained.

Muzik overhears their conversation and interrupts, “Take me, take me, you have to take me with you too! I love to hear the stories from the book “Grandpa’s Ghost Stories,” but I’d like to do something different for a change too.”

They all agreed that it was time to do something different at night. But what could they do? Muzik suggested that they go out for a night on the town. They knew that they would have to sneak out of the house at night to do that so that Grandma Rose would not know. They did not know if she would get mad at them if they left the house at night. Grandpa Ray would not care. He doesn’t even believe that they even live in the house.

They all agreed to take the chance that Grandma Rose would not find out that they left. They would just wait to leave the house until Grandpa Ray and Grandma Rose fell asleep.

Twinkle sent Muzik downstairs to watch to see when Grandpa Ray and Grandma Rose went to bed. When they were both in bed Muzik was to come back upstairs to the attic and let them all know the coast was clear to leave.

Muzik was downstairs watching for a really long time. The three little ghosts didn’t think Grandpa Ray and Grandma Rose would ever go to bed. Finally, Muzik came back upstairs to the attic to let everyone know the coast was clear to leave the house.

Muzik and the three little ghosts jumped out the window and slid down the rain pipe to the ground below. Muzik landed on his bottom, but it turned out he was okay, he was just a little sore. He could still walk.

“Where should we go first?” asked Sprinkle. “Let’s just go downtown and walk around and see what’s there,” Krinkle replied.

So Muzik and the three little ghosts hit the streets to head downtown. But, it was so late in the evening that by the time they got there everything was closed.

“Oh no,” cried Sprinkle, “This was suppose to be such a fun night for us and everything is closed. What should we do?”

Krinkle assures Sprinkle, “Don’t worry, Sprinkle, we are still going to have a fun night. We can still go into the shops. We can go through windows, doors and walls, remember? We are ghosts and ghosts can do that!”

“Yes, yes, Krinkle, you are right! I am so used to acting like a real little girl for Grandma Rose in her house that I sometimes forget that I am really a little ghost. In fact . . . we are all ghosts!”

So their night was not ruined after all! The first place they decided to go was to hit the Toy store, after that they planned on going to the Roller Skating rink on the corner. By then they knew they might be hungry so they’d either hit the Candy store or go down a couple blocks more to find one of the Hamburger restaurants. What a night they planned to have for themselves!

They all slipped through the big picture window of the Toy store with no problem. They ran up and down the aisles, deciding what they wanted to play with.

Twinkle found a doll house she liked. Sprinkle wanted to check out a new game to play. She found one she really liked. It was called Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters Creepy Cellar Expansion. It was another Ghost game, but she loved to play Ghost games. She decided that she would ask Grandma Rose if she could have it for her birthday.

And Krinkle comes prancing down the aisle on a riding toy, a pony!

So everyone found something they liked except Muzik. He could not find any cat toys. Twinkle found some kids’ balls that she thought would be fun for him to play with.

Muzik plays with the balls for awhile then he moves over to where Twinkle is playing and licks her hand to thank her for finding the balls for him to play with.

Muzik and the three little ghosts knew that they had to leave all the toys there in the toy store. They knew that they could not take them home. That would be stealing.

So when they got tired of playing with the toys they moved on to the Candy store. While standing outside they decided they’d rather have a hamburger and fries. Muzik wanted to have a Fish sandwich with his fries.

They went down a couple blocks to one of the Hamburger restaurants in town. They went inside and helped themselves to what they wanted to eat. They guessed that no one would notice that some hamburgers, fries, and a fish sandwich were missing. Was it stealing? They assumed that because they were not bringing the food home it would be okay. After all, they were eating it there. They all thought that no one would notice. . . . . . . . . .

After they got done eating they slipped out the back door to make sure no one saw them. But, oh my gosh, who they saw when they got outside!

There they were, driving slowly down the alley with their spot light on the building. It was Buster, Pookie, and Chloe in their squad car!

The neighbors, who live in the area, had reported seeing colorful lights coming through the windows in the Toy store and called the Bark Squad. While driving through the alley, the Bark Squad heard scary, eerie sounds coming from the Toy store too.

And now that the squad car was driving by the Hamburger restaurant, they could hear music coming through the windows. Buster got out of the squad car to investigate. When he got out of the squad he stepped into some gold glitter. The wind blew some of the gold glitter up onto his uniform. He recognized seeing that same gold glitter when he was in Grandpa Ray and Grandma Rose’s kitchen.

“I don’t know,” Buster says to Pookie, “I think we better get ahold of the Watchdogs and see if they can figure out what’s going on here. The Watchdogs are secret Detectives but they said for us to call them anytime we wanted them to help.”

“I agree,” Chloe added, “I’ll call them right now.”

The Watchdogs, Denny and J.B., came and investigated. Denny said that they did not know either where the gold glitter came from. Or what caused the colorful lights, or the scary, eerie sounds. And as far as the soothing, lullaby music was concerned, J.B.’s best guess was that it might have come from a car radio parked on the street.

What the Watchdogs did know though is that these incidents were the very same events that happened last week on “A Sunny Morning at the Beach.”


What do you think about Muzik and the three little ghosts helping themselves to the food at the Hamburger restaurant? Are they in big trouble?

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………………………………….The Watchdogs – You can call us Denny……….and J.B.

The Bark Squad – You can call us Buster…….Pookie………and Chloe

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