Fun with Friends

You can call me Muzik. . . . .

and you can call us Twinkle…..Sprinkle……and Krinkle

Twinkle, Sprinkle and Krinkle were all huddled up together sleeping with Muzik the ghost cat in the corner of the living room in Grandpa Ray and Grandma Rose’s house. Muzik couldn’t stay asleep so he decided to go out in the neighborhood to see who else might be awake to play with.

He carefully pulled away from Twinkle, Sprinkle and Krinkle so he wouldn’t wake them. He walked quietly throughout the house to the back door so as not to wake Grandpa Ray or Grandma Rose.

He decided to go see his pal Sarge who lives down the street from him. Sarge is a police dog. Sarge works with the police. Muzik often sees Sarge riding around town in the squad car with some big guy behind the wheel. Everyone calls the big guy the Deputy Chief.

On the way to Sarge’s house Muzik sees Ike and Oops peeking out of the window of their house. Ike is a Beagle and Oops is a Boxer. They are able to see Muzik’s lights and hear his music, but they cannot see him.

Muzik goes up to the window and flashes his lights and plays some music so Ike and Oops knows that he is there.

Ike barks out loud so Muzik can hear him through the window, “Hi Muzik! What are you doing out in the middle of the night?”

Muzik answers back, “I couldn’t sleep so I decided to go down to Sarge’s house and see if he was up. You guys want to come?”

“Sure! It’s always so much fun to hang out with Sarge. You think he can get the squad car and take us all for little spin around town?”

“That’s what I’m hoping for,” replies Muzik.

So the three of them ran down to Sarge’s house to see what he was up to. When they got there they found Sarge out in his backyard watching for any foxes or coyotes that might come through the yard in the middle of the night. Sarge scares them away with his big, ferocious sounding, bark.

“Hey Sarge, how’s it going?” Muzik asked. “Oh, you guys startled me! I was expecting to see a fox or coyote and it turned out to be you! I’m just hanging out here, doing my guard dog thing. What’s up with you guys tonight?”

“We’re looking for a little action, you know, let’s all get together and do something fun tonight.” Muzik continued, “Any chance of a little ride around town in the squad? The Deputy Chief must be asleep now. It’s the middle of the night. He’ll never know you took it out for a spin around town. What do you think?”

Sarge scratched his head and thought about it for awhile, “Well, I guess if the Deputy Chief is sleeping he’d never know that I took his squad. Okay, let’s do it!”

Ike and Oops jumped in the back of the squad and Muzik hopped in the front with Sarge. Sarge was used to driving the squad. He’d done it many times before in the past while the Deputy Chief was fast asleep. He liked to sneak out in the middle of the night to drive around town. The Deputy Chief always thought that Sarge was in the backyard watching for the wild animals that come through the yard in the middle of the night.

“Wee, Wee, what fun we are having!” Ike and Oops exclaimed together, “Oh wow, love this, love this, when you take the corners really fast Sarge, it’s fun to slide back and forth on the back seat of the squad! Neat! Whoo Whoo!”

Muzik turned his head to the back seat and hissed at Ike and Oops, “You guys are suppose to have your seatbelts on, get your seatbelts on right now!”

Sarge glanced in the rear view mirror and growled, “What, no seatbelts? If you ride in my squad you belt up. Do it now or get out!”

Ike and Oops shivered. They never heard Sarge talk to them like that before. They knew it was important because Sarge was yelling at them so loud. They both quickly fastened their seatbelts. They were sorry that they couldn’t slide back and forth on the seat anymore, but Muzik assured them that this was the safest way to ride in a car.

Sarge said that since everyone had their seatbelts on he would flash the squad lights and put on the siren to make their ride more exciting.

After Sarge turned off the lights and siren he told them to look for the travel games that the Deputy Chief kept for him on the floor. The Deputy Chief put them there for Sarge to play with while the two of them cruised around town all day.

Ike and Oops found the travel games, there were three. There was an I Spy card game, a Take ‘N” Play Anywhere Matching magetic game and a Travel Activity pad. After they played the games they all just joked, laughed and sang along together as they rode around on the dark city streets.

After they had hit all the streets in town they decided to drive back by Sarge’s house to check to see if any of the wild animals were hovering around the house.

When they got back to the house what they saw was a lot worse than any wild animal coming through the yard. Way, way worse.

It was the Deputy Chief, standing in the driveway . . . m a d . . . raving mad!

Oh my gosh, he was absolutely fuming! He just stood there in the driveway not moving an inch. His arms were folded in front of him, his face was all snarled up and bright red. It even looked like he had smoke coming out of his ears. He was really that angry!

Ike and Oops were scared. They were so scared they were shaking. They got caught . . . all of them.

Muzik wasn’t scared. He knew the Deputy Chief couldn’t see him. He’d just be really careful not to light up his lights or play his music. He sat real quiet next to Sarge in the front seat. The Deputy Chief would never know he was there. Only Sarge, Ike and Oops would be in hot water for this.

Ike had an idea, “Hey Oops, maybe we can just sneak out of the squad? I don’t think the Deputy Chief saw us yet here in the back seat.”

Oops replied back, “I was thinking the same thing. I don’t think he saw us yet either.”

Ike looked over at Oops and instructed him to open the door. “Hey, I know, open the door and we can quick run out.” Oops fiddled around with the door handle. He was so nervous he couldn’t get it open. He messed and messed around with it. His collar got caught on the door handle and he was stuck.

“Oh no, my collar is stuck on the door handle! Ike, help, you got to help me get my collar off the door handle!”

Ike untwisted Oops collar and slipped it off the door handle, but because they both froze with so much fear, neither one of them could get the door open. In all the commotion, Oops slid off the seat and fell to the floor. Ike grabbed him by the collar and flung him back up on to the seat.

In all the excitement they finally realized that the reason they couldn’t open the door was because Sarge had locked the doors.

“Unlock the door, unlock the door!” Ike and Oops barked at Sarge together, “Unlock the door so we can sneak out.”

Sarge was numb and couldn’t move. He knew he was in big trouble for taking the squad. Muzik stretched over Sarge and pressed the unlock button with his paw and unlocked the door for Ike and Oops.

As they jumped out the door to run, Oops tripped and slid on his belly. Ike looked back and saw him laying on the ground, so he went back and pushed Oops under the squad car to hide. Ike darted under the squad with Oops too since the Deputy Chief was right there in the driveway. There was no time anymore to run.

The Deputy Chief caught a quick glimpse of them as they went under the squad. “Who is that? I think it looks like Ike and Oops from down the street.”

And, ‘ooooops‘ is what it was. ‘Ooooops,’ they all got caught!

Except of course for Muzik. He quietly snuck through the window of the squad without showing his lights or playing his music and hightailed it back home. He felt guilty about his friends because this whole adventure was his idea in the first place. He hoped that they were not in too much trouble with the Deputy Chief. He wondered if he should go back to see if everyone was okay. He decided to turn around and go back to Sarge’s house.

Sarge finally got the courage to get out of the squad and face the Deputy Chief.

The Deputy Chief looked Sarge straight in the eye and started to scold him . . . when suddenly he saw bright colorful lights flashing around him, along with the most beautiful soothing music he had ever heard in his life. The lights and music really calmed him down. He no longer felt like he had to punish Sarge for what he did.

Instead, he looked at Sarge with a kind look on his face and asked, “How’d your friends enjoy their night out on the town in my squad?”

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you can call us Sarge..Ike..and Oops

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