Neighborhood Sports

You can call me Muzik. . . . .

and you can call us Twinkle…..Sprinkle……and Krinkle

All of a sudden there was a big loud crashing sound.

“What was that?” Twinkle asked.

“It scared me,” Sprinkle replied.

“Yeh, I never heard that sound before,” Krinkle added. “And it wasn’t me that made that sound either. I make nice, crinkly and eerie sounds – nothing like the sound we just heard!”

Muzik didn’t like the sound either and wondered what it was, and where it came from. He makes beautiful sounds himself, and the noise he heard was just one, big, loud, crash.

Grandma Rose hollers up to the attic, “What are you doing up there in the attic? I heard a very loud crashing sound and I’m sure it wasn’t Muzik. His music is beautiful. And it sure wasn’t a crinkly or eerie sound. I am quite familiar with the sounds Krinkle makes. What on earth are my little ones doing up there?”

Twinkle shouts back to Grandma Rose, “We’re not doing anything to cause a crashing sound.”

Sprinkle added, “We’re not sure yet what happened, Grandma Rose, but it wasn’t anything we did.”

Grandma Rose went up the stairs to the attic to find out what happened up in the attic to make the loud noise.

Krinkle explains to Grandma Rose what everyone was doing, “Me and Muzik were playing a video game. The girls are playing house. They are taking turns pretending to cook dinner. They love playing house with the cookware and dish set you gave them for Christmas. They even invite me and Muzik to eat their make-believe dinners. And Muzik . . .Oh M-M-u-u-u-z-z-i-i-i-k-k . . . where are you Muzik ? He was right here a minute ago, Grandma Rose, but now I don’t know where he is.”

Grandma Rose tells Krinkle how she thought it was all of them up there in the attic getting into mischief.

Muzik returns from where he was and stands right in front of Krinkle and Grandma Rose so that Grandma Rose will see him.

Muzik, what’s that in your mouth?” Grandma Rose asks.

Muzik drops a ball from his mouth. “I found this on the floor under the window here in the attic. The window is smashed to smithereens. I think this is what made the noise. It was the ball coming through the window. When the ball hit the window, the glass smashed and I think that is what we all heard. The ball ended up here on the attic floor under the window.”

Grandma Rose picked up the ball from the floor to inspect it, “This ball looks like a baseball.”

Muzik repeats what Grandma Rose said, “A baseball?”

Muzik purrs to himself while he thinks about it, then says out loud, “Hmmm, if a baseball came flying through our window that means the neighborhood kids must be outside playing a game of baseball in their yard. Come on everyone, let’s go outside and see if we can play with them!”

While running down the stairs Krinkle stops and bursts out loud, “Wait, what should we do about the broken window?”

Grandma Rose replies back to him, “I’ll have Grandpa Ray take a look at it. I’m sure he’ll know how to replace it. Grandpa Ray is pretty handy around the house.”

Grandma Rose continues, “You kids go ahead and go outside to the neighbors to see if everyone is still playing baseball. Just be super careful not to hit anymore balls toward our house . . . we don’t want any more broken windows!”

So Muzik and the three little ghosts go outside and decide to first go over to Jamal and Whitney’s house. No one was outside playing baseball.

“Where did the baseball come from if none of the kids are outside playing baseball?” Twinkle asked.

“I don’t know,” Krinkle replied back to Twinkle, “But someone hit that ball so hard it ended up in Grandma Rose’s attic.”

Muzik suggested they go look in the neighbor’s back yards since no one was out playing in their front yards.

They walked on the sidewalk along the side of Jamal and Whitney’s house. The sidewalk led them to the back yard.

Jamal and Whitney were in the back yard all right, but not playing baseball. They were playing a game of golf with their golf set. The ball they were hitting on the lawn with a golf club looked awfully small.

Sprinkle looked at the ball closely and said, “It wasn’t a golf ball that came through the window. Grandma Rose said it was a baseball.”

Twinkle told everyone they should go to the neighbor’s house on the other side of Grandma Rose’s house. So they all went to Jose’s house. No one was playing baseball in the front yard. The back yard was all fenced in so they all walked right through the fence. After all, they are all little ghosts, and ghosts can do that sort of thing.

They found Jose in the driveway practicing with his bowling set. They stood there and watched him bowl for a few minutes.

Krinkle praised Jose because he was so good, “Wow! Good going Jose. You’re getting a strike every time you throw the bowling ball!”

Sprinkle pointed out to everyone that a bowling ball was not a baseball. It was obvious that Jose didn’t hit the baseball through the window.

Muzik had an idea, “Let’s all go across the street to Little Rita’s house.”

Little Rita wasn’t in front of her house playing baseball, but they needed to check out her back yard to see if she was playing baseball in her back yard.

Muzik led the way and Twinkle, Sprinkle and Krinkle followed. They flew over the roof of Little Rita’s house and landed in her back yard.

Little Rita was bouncing around a really big ball. Krinkle explains to everyone, “That’s called dribbling. You dribble a basketball. That’s what that big ball is called, a basketball.”

Twinkle then said to everyone, “It sure doesn’t look like a baseball. Little Rita is playing basketball, not baseball.”

Muzik said, “So where could the baseball have come from if no one is playing a game of baseball? I’m feeling so sad, I was hoping to get in on a good baseball game!”

“Me too,” Krinkle said back to Muzik, “Guess there’s no baseball game going on anywhere in the neighborhood for us to get into. Let’s go back home to Grandma Rose’s house.”

Muzik and the three little ghosts flew over Little Rita’s house from the back yard and they landed in the front yard, right next to Little Rita’s front porch.

Muzik glanced over toward the porch, and guess what he saw?

It was an Automatic Launcher. There was no baseball game going on in the neighborhood after all. It was Little Rita practicing hitting the baseball all by herself on her Automatic Launcher.

Muzik shared his thoughts on what happened to Grandma Rose’s attic window, “That must be how Grandma Rose’s window got broke! Little Rita must have been practicing with the Automatic Launcher. She must have hit the ball so hard that it went really far, and the baseball ended up across the street in Grandma Rose’s attic!”

Muzik, Twinkle, Sprinkle and Krinkle were so disappointed that there was no baseball game in the neighborhood to play in. It was just Little Rita’s Automatic Launcher all along.

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