Off to School

You can call me Muzik. . . . .

and you can call us Twinkle…..Sprinkle……and Krinkle

Grandma Rose walked up the stairs to the attic to talk to her little friends, “Hey little ones, how would you guys like to go to school tomorrow?”

School?” Muzik asks, “What do you mean, go to school?”

“I think all of you would have so much fun being at school. Don’t you get bored just being up here in the attic playing the same old games over and over again?”

Muzik repeats himself, “What do you mean by going to school?”

Grandma Rose explains, “All little children go to school, and you can go to school too Muzik. Don’t worry because you’re a cat. No one can see you so you’ll be just fine.”

“What about us?” Twinkle asked, “Will the kids be able to see us at school?”

Grandma Rose thought for a moment and then said back to Twinkle, “No, I’m sorry, but no one will be able to see you at school. Only I can see you. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have lots of fun at school.”

“How come no one will be able to see us at school?” Sprinkle inquired.

Grandma Rose responds, “Remember, you are all little ghosts, even Grandpa Ray can’t see you. I’m just so happy that I can see and talk to all of you.”

Grandma Rose continues to convince Muzik and the three little ghosts that they will have a wonderful time at school.

The next morning Grandma Rose calls up to the attic for everyone to come down for breakfast. While sitting at the breakfast table Grandma Rose shares the plans for the day: “You will be going to school today on a school bus. Most all of the kids in the neighborhood ride a school bus to get to their school, and you guys can too! The school bus stops every morning down the street on the corner. After breakfast I’ll walk down the street to the corner with you and we’ll all wait for the school bus together.”

After they all finished eating breakfast everyone walked down the street to the corner to wait for the school bus. When the school bus stopped at the corner, Muzik told Grandma Rose he felt a little scared to go to school. Krinkle jumped in and reminded him not be be scared, after all, no one could even see them! That made Muzik feel better when he was reminded that no one was going to see him. He was excited to go to school now just like Twinkle, Sprinkle and Krinkle were.

When the school bus stopped in front of the school Muzik was in awe. He saw a huge playground on the side of the school. He couldn’t wait to go inside and see what it was like. Grandma Rose had told them that the school not only had a really nice playground outside to play on, but inside the school there was a gym to play games, a cafeteria for everyone to eat their lunch, and a library filled with books!

There were also a lot of teachers who worked there in the school to teach the children. Some teachers had classrooms of their own for certain grade levels. Some of the teachers had their own classrooms for very special classes like Art and Music.

Art and Music were the classes Grandma Rose wanted them to be in at the school. She thought Twinkle and Sprinkle would love the Art class, and the Music class would be perfect for Muzik and Krinkle.

The Art teacher was standing by the door of her classroom to welcome the children as they were coming in. She didn’t even notice Twinkle and Sprinkle as they walked right by her through the door into the classroom.

Twinkle saw a table in the back corner of the room that no one else was sitting at and said to Sprinkle, “Let’s sit over here at the table in the back corner of the room to make sure the teacher doesn’t see us.”

The Art teacher came into the room and told all the kids they would be working on an art project today that included four different kinds of art media. She had brush paints, finger paints, colorful markers, and every color of crayon you could ever think of for them to work with today.

The Art teacher explained to the class that they were to use their imagination and creativity to see what they could come up with for their art poster projects. At the end of class she would collect all their art posters and hang them on the wall in the hall for everyone in the whole school to see.

While Twinkle and Sprinkle were creating their art posters in the Art class, Muzik and Krinkle were in the Music room across the hall from the Art class learning a lot more about music.

The Music teacher was teaching the children how to actually read music. Muzik told Krinkle he already knew how to read music. Krinkle told Muzik he wanted to learn how to read music so he could play the piano. He could make crinkly and eerie sounds on his own, but he thought it would be really neat to do it while also playing the piano at the same time.

Other kids in the music class were playing with chimes, tambourines, and and a few of the kids were beating on drums. Luckily no one was over by the piano, so Krinkle sat down on the piano bench and tried out a few musical notes on the keyboard.

While Krinkle was finding his way around on the keyboard, Muzik found a guitar and started playing it. Muzik and Krinkle’s music sounded heavenly with the guitar and piano music together.

At the end of the Art class the teacher collected all the art posters she had planned to hang on the wall outside of the Art room. On the back corner table she found two of the most beautiful posters she had ever seen. She never noticed the two little kids who had sat there. She wondered who they were. She just could not recall two children sitting there at that table during class time. Both children had done very unusual works of art with the brush paints, finger paints, colorful markers and crayons of all colors.

The teacher was just amazed at the beauty of it all. The first poster had the name of Twinkle written down on the bottom corner of the poster. There were no specific pictures that were drawn on the poster that she could tell, just the most magnificent, brilliant colors that she had ever seen. There were hues of colors on the poster that she never even knew existed here on this earth.

And the other poster on the table had the name of Sprinkle written down on the bottom corner of the poster. It too was remarkable, and something that she had never seen on this earth before. She looked carefully at all the images on the poster. There was a darkness, dark like midnight, throughout the whole picture. The best way she could describe it was to say it was a glowing darkness, yes, a darkness that absolutely glowed! She tried to figure out exactly what it was a picture of. “Oh my goodness,” she said to herself, “I think the pictures on this poster are pictures of outer space!”

She saw what looked like a sun and a moon. And there were many planets, and stars were scattered throughout the whole picture. They all were glistened with some kind of a glitter. No, it wasn’t just any old type of glitter you’d buy at the store and see here on earth. It was more like a very special gold star dust! The Art teacher was just blown away by its beauty and thought to herself, “What a spectacular looking poster, unbelievable!”

The teacher carefully picked up the two art posters and hung them on the wall in the hall, right next to the door outside of the Art classroom.

Across the hall from her Art room was the Music room. While the Art teacher was hanging the two best posters on the wall, she heard the most beautiful music coming from the Music room. The sound was definitely a guitar and a piano playing together, but there were also other melodies mixed in, and crinkly, eerie sounds along with it. She couldn’t believe the outstanding sounding music she was hearing coming out of the Music room. She wondered to herself, “Who on earth could be making the most beautiful music that I’ve ever heard in this world?”

It was the end of the school day now and Grandma Rose had told Muzik and the three little ghosts that instead of taking the school bus home today, she would drive to school and pick them up herself.

She parked her car in the parking lot and walked into the school. She immediately heard the music and melodies coming from the Music room. She knew in her heart it was Muzik and Krinkle playing the music together. It sounded like something out of this world and she knew only Muzik and Krinkle could come up with a song that sounded like that.

She looked over at the wall across from the Music room and there were two art posters that really stood out among all of them. She was sure that Twinkle and Sprinkle must have done them. She walked over to the wall to take a closer look, and sure enough, the names Twinkle and Sprinkle were written on the bottom corner of each one of the art posters.

Grandma Rose was so proud and pleased with Muzik, Twinkle, Sprinkle and Krinkle. They had done a magnificent job on their first day at school!

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