Toys at the Park

You can name me Denny

…………………….and you can name me J.B.

Denny calls out to J.B., “Hey J.B., where did you bury our Walkie Talkies at?”

J.B. thinks for a minute and answers back to Denny, “By the house, under the kitchen window. Why?”

Denny explains, “Well we’re going to need them tonight. Last time we walked by the park I overheard the kids talking about burying some of their toys out in the park so they would always be there for them to play with. Now they can’t find the toys. I guess they forgot where they buried them.”

Denny continues to explain his idea, “We can go there tonight after dark and you can work at one end of the park and I’ll work at the other end. We can talk back and forth on our Walkie Talkies to let each other know where we are and if we found any toys or not.”

After dinner Little Rita brought Denny and J.B. out to their doghouse for the night.

Denny reminded J.B. to pretend like they were sleepy so the family would think they were going out to their doghouse to sleep all night.

When it got dark and all the lights in the house were off, Denny and J.B. made their way to the kitchen window. Denny did all the digging. He found both Walkie Talkies buried under the kitchen window, just like J.B. had said they would be. They each grabbed one in their mouth and ran down to the park. When they got to the park Denny told J.B. to start looking at the other end of the park and to let him know where he was and if he finds any of the kid’s buried toys.

Denny and J.B. started digging like crazy at each end of the park, in any place that they thought the kids might have buried a toy.

A message from J.B. came across on the Walkie Talkie, “I found one! It’s all covered with dirt but it looks like an airplane!”

J.B. shook off all the dirt from the airplane and threw the airplane up in the air. The airplane circled around for awhile then fell to the ground. J.B. ran over to the airplane to make sure it did not break. Thank goodness the airplane is still okay, the kids would have wondered how their airplane broke while it was buried in the ground.

“Oh my gosh, I found one too – right under a swing, Denny gushed,” “I can see several things buried together here under the swing. They look like toy rockets; come over by me to take a look and see what you think they are.” J.B. runs over by Denny and scratches his head, “They do look like rockets. Ramone and Ricardo used to play with rockets that looked almost like these. “

J.B. runs back to his side of the park to continue digging for toys. While halfway there Denny yells out excitedly, “Hey J.B., we can play with some of this stuff too before we go back home!”

Some time passes and Denny doesn’t hear from J.B. “Did you find anything else?” Denny radios to J.B. “No, nothing else down here. Let’s both go over by the picnic tables and see if anything is buried over there.”

So Denny met J.B. by the picnic tables and they dug around together under the moonlight.

“I think I have something,” J.B. said. “Oh yes, a whole lot of stuff is buried here. I found two soldiers and a dog.” Denny stopped digging and said “and I found a helicopter and a truck!”

“Let’s put all the toys on top of one of the picnic tables so the kids will be able to find them. They will be so surprised and happy to find their toys!”

But before they started for home Denny threw the airplane up in the air while J.B. threw the rockets up into the air. When they got tired of playing with the airplane and rockets they played with the toy soldiers, dog, and helicopter and truck. They both agreed that they had the most fun with the soldiers and toys that went with it.

It started to get daylight out so Denny and J.B. grabbed their Walkie Talkies and went back home.

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