Fun on the Stairs

You can name me Denny

…………………….and you can name me J.B.

Denny and J.B. were playing on the stairs. They love to run quick up and down the stairs. Mom gets mad at them when they do, so they wait until Mom goes out shopping to do it. Mom was out shopping now so they were having a ball jumping up the stairs, then sliding down. Sometimes it hurt when they hit the bottom stair . . . but they thought it was so much fun going down that it was worth it.

“Hey” said J.B., let’s look for Ramone’s skateboard and try it out going down the stairs!”

“Where do you think he keeps it? ” asked Denny. “I know where,” J.B. barked, “follow me!”

J.B. led Denny to the basement. They quietly went down the stairs so no one in the house would hear them. Once down in the basement they could hardly see. They could not reach the light switch.

Denny had an idea. “How about if I stand up on my hind legs then you get up on my shoulders?” “I can try,” J.B. said.

Denny stood up tall and then J.B. jumped on his shoulders. “I still can’t reach the switch.”

Denny whispered, “Are you stretching as tall as you can?”

“Oops, not yet . . . okay, I’m on my tip toes now and I can do it!”

The basement lit up with a bright light. They searched and searched and could not find the skateboard.

“Where could it be?” they blurted out together.

Denny told J.B. that he didn’t know but that they should put their heads together and see if they could figure it out. “Do you have any ideas where we can start?”

J.B. had an idea. He wanted to first start looking up in Ramone’s bedroom for it. Denny thought for a little bit and came up with the idea of looking in the garage.

“Let’s go to Ramone’s bedroom first,” Denny said. “Maybe it’s under his bed.” So they quietly went back up the basement stairs, then up the stairs to Ramone’s room. They first looked under his bed. Not there. So then they looked under the desk. Not there.

“Well then, let’s hit the garage!” they chimed in together.

They crawled out of the doggie door on the backdoor of the house. The garage was located in the back of their yard, next to their doghouse. Yes, their “pink” doghouse.

They got to the garage but didn’t know how they were going to get in. J.B. thought it would be a good idea to climb on top of their doghouse, then climb through the window on the side of the garage.

Denny thought his idea was better. “Let’s dig a hole in the ground and make a tunnel into the garage. That way no one will know. I am afraid that we will have to break the window if we go in your way.”

So they both started digging in the space between their doghouse and the garage. It took awhile but they were able to do it. They got in!

They looked and looked and could not find the skateboard anywhere. They crawled out of the garage. They decided to leave their tunnel there just in case if they ever wanted to get into the garage again. Because the tunnel was between their doghouse and the garage they figured no one would see it.

As they started to go back into the house guess what? Here comes Ramone riding down the street on his skateboard! So they found it. Ramone was using it to go up and down the street. He was the one who had it all along!

Denny looked at J.B. and said “Let’s hang around outside and keep an eye on where Ramone stores his skateboard. That way we will know where to get it the next time we want to play on the stairs!”

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