Little Rita Wants to be a Detective

You can name me Denny

…………………….and you can name me J.B.

Little Rita sat down in the living room to watch some TV. She felt really bored because she had no one to play with. She couldn’t find anything that interested her on TV that she wanted to watch. She decided to go find Denny and J.B. to see what they were up to. She knew that they were secret detectives but Denny and J.B. didn’t know that she knew.

Little Rita wished she could tell them she knew so she could go out and work on some of their adventures with them. She thought that it would be so exciting to sneak out of the house and be with them. Denny and J.B. worked during the day too, not always at night when she should be sleeping.

Little Rita sat down and guessed to herself, “Hmmm, if I can’t go out in the neighborhood with them then maybe I can get Denny and J.B. to play one of my detective games with me. It won’t be like really working with them, but we can have some fun together!”

Little Rita stood up and wondered where Denny and J.B. might be. She went out to their doghouse in the backyard but they were not there. She hoped that they were not out on one of their adventures. Mom and Dad would call the dog catcher to find them if they knew that Denny and J.B. were not in their doghouse or in the backyard.

Little Rita laughed out loud and then mumbled to herself, “Hey, wait a minute, I can pretend that I am a detective now and see if I can find them! Yay! Yay! I’ll be a detective just like them. I need to go up to my room and get out my detective kit. I not only have detective games, I have a detective kit too. I’ll use the stuff in my detective kit to find them.”

Little Rita ran up to her room and got out her backpack that had her detective kit in it. She opened it up to check to make sure all her equipment was in there: a magnifying glass, a flashlight, a whistle and a compass, yes, it was all there!

She threw her backpack over her shoulders and ran back downstairs. She first ran out to the doghouse. She pulled the flashlight out of her backpack and she shined it into the doghouse. It was dark inside the doghouse but with her flashlight she could see. No, Denny and J.B. were not in the doghouse.

She decided to use her compass next. She pulled out the compass from the backpack and it pointed N, which meant North. She headed that way. It was pointed toward the garage. She got out her magnifying glass and looked on the ground to see if she could see either Denny or J.B.’s footprints.

She found two sets of footprints. She guessed that the footprints belonged to Denny and J.B. The footprints were coming from the doghouse leading over to the side of the garage. What? The side of the garage? Then the footprints ended.

Denny and J.B. were not on the side of the garage or no where close by. Little Rita blew her whistle as loud and as long as she could.

Surprise! Denny and J.B. heard the whistle from inside the garage and came running out. Running out that is from the hole that they dug on the side of the garage.

Turns out detective little Rita not only found Denny and J.B., but she also discovered the secret hole that they dug on the side of the garage to get in!

What a day it was for little Rita; she was now “Little Rita, the Secret Detective!”

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