It’s Raining!

You can name me Denny

…………………….and you can name me J.B.

“What’s that noise coming from on top of our doghouse?” Denny asked.

All of a sudden there was a huge loud crash. “Oh no, what was that?” J.B. shivered with fear. “I’m getting scared.”

All of a sudden they saw two hands reaching into their doghouse. It was Ricardo. “How are you little guys doing? You want to come in the house to get out of this rain storm? I bet the thunder is scaring you.”

J.B. jumped out into Ricardo’s arms. He was scared. He wanted to get out of the rain storm. Ricardo carried J.B. into the house and Denny followed.

“It’s a good thing Ricardo woke up during the storm to come get us,” Denny said. “I know, but will Mom be mad that we are in the house during the night?” J.B. replied back.

Ricardo explained, “Don’t worry little guys, Mom will understand. She won’t want you out in the rain, especially because it it lighting and thundering out there. You will be safe here in the house with all of us.”

Denny and J.B. snuggled up in the corner of the living room to finish sleeping for the night. Ricardo brought them a cozy blanket to curl up in. It felt so good to feel warm and cozy that they fell asleep right away.

In the morning little Rita comes down the stairs, wondering if Dad will give her a ride to school in the rain. “I need my raincoat and umbrella. Mom, I can’t find my raincoat and umbrella in the closet!”

Dad goes over to the closet and looks for all the family’s rain gear. It’s not there. “Now where did all our umbrellas and raincoats and boots go?”

Mom hears him and shouts back to him from the kitchen, “Everyone’s rain stuff is in the hall closet!” Dad yells back to her, “No it’s not.”

Denny and J.B. wake up to all the shouting and yelling and hear what’s going on. They whisper to each other about how they can help the family find all their rain gear.

“I’ll run up and check the hall closet upstairs,” Denny says to J.B., “Mom may have brought it all upstairs to make more room in the closet downstairs.”

“Okay Denny, while you run upstairs I’ll go down to the basement and see if anyone put the rain gear down in the basement. Maybe it was all wet the last time they all used it and Mom could have brought it to the basement to dry out.”

Denny and J.B. split up and go their separate ways to find the rain gear.

Denny came back down the stairs and waited for J.B. to come back up from the basement. He hoped that J.B. found the rain gear down there as none of it was up in the upstairs hall closet.

J.B. finally makes his way back up from the basement to meet Denny. “Nothing, I found none of it. It wasn’t in the basement.”

Denny and J.B. put their heads together on this one. Where, or where, could all the rain gear have gone?

“I know, I know, I finally figured it out!” J.B. cheered. “Little Rita, Ramone and Ricardo may have taken the rain gear from the basement after it all dried and each one put their own rain gear in their own bedroom closet!” Denny praised J.B. for coming up with the idea and said “Let’s go!, hurry, the kids all have to leave for school soon and it is still raining outside!”

So Denny and J.B. quietly made their way up the stairs to little Rita’s room. Denny opened her closet door with his nose. “Yes, yes, yes, I see little Rita’s rain coat, rain boots and her umbrella!”

J.B. slid her rain boots out of the closet and then Denny pushed a chair over to the closet so he could jump up and pull her raincoat down to the floor. J.B. noticed her umbrella standing up in the corner of the closet. He grabbed it with his paw and rolled it out of the closet into her room so she would see it.

J.B. grinned from ear to ear and said, “There, we found little Rita’s rain gear now let’s go see if we can find Ramone and Ricardo’s rain gear. I just bet that their rain gear is in their bedroom closet too. Come on, let’s go an get started looking!”

Denny and J.B. looked in Ramone and Ricardo’s bedroom closets and sure enough, all their rain gear was in there. They managed to get all the rain jackets and boots and umbrellas out of the closet so that the boys would see it when they went back into their rooms.

Denny asked J.B. to take one of Ramone’s boots and then he would take one of Ricardo’s boots and bring them downstairs so the family could see that they found the rain gear up in the kid’s rooms. Mom and Dad will know to look in little Rita’s room for her rain gear once they see that Ramone and Ricardo’s boots were upstairs.

So Denny and J.B. brought the boots downstairs for the family to see. Denny beamed over at J.B. and said, “We should get some good hugs and treats for this, don’t you think?”

Little Rita saw Ramone and Ricardo’s boots sitting at the bottom of the stairs and knew that Denny and J.B. must have brought them down. Little Rita told everyone in the family that Denny and J.B. found all of their rain gear.

The whole family rushed over to Denny and J.B. and gave them both hugs and kisses. Dad even had a couple treats in his pocket for them to reward them for their good work.

Denny and J.B., still cuddled in the family’s arms, barked together, “Hmmm, how we love those hugs, kisses, and treats, thank you!

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