Where’s Our Water Dish?

You can name me Denny

…………………….and you can name me J.B.

“Let me use the binoculars,” J.B. whined. “For what?” Denny asked. J.B. answered back, “I’m trying to clean off the lenses. All I see is big blurs when I look through them.”

J.B. had a better way in mind. “Are you sure you can clean them by just licking them? Why don’t you use the water from our water dish?” Denny looked over at J.B. “Where is our water dish anyway?”

J.B looked in every corner of their doghouse. It wasn’t there. “Maybe little Rita forgot to bring it out to us this morning. Do you remember seeing it?”

Denny thought for a moment. “I don’t think it was here all day. I got all my water drinks from little Rita’s swimming pool.”

J.B. guessed, “Then she must have forgot to bring it out to us this morning, let’s see if we can find it.”

So Denny and J.B. left their doghouse and first looked all over the back yard. It was awfully dark, it was night time and they couldn’t see too well, but it wasn’t there. Then they went to see if little Rita left their water dish by her swimming pool. It wasn’t there either.

“Hey Denny, let’s stop and drink some water first before we look anymore……….s l u r p…..slurp…..s l u r p…..slurp……….oh, that really hit the spot, I was really thirsty.” J.B. wiped off his wet mouth with his paw and added, “Let’s go in the house. If you go get the binoculars we can see better in the house. We’ll have to be quiet. We can stand in the middle of the kitchen and see all over.”

Denny ran back to their doghouse to get the binoculars. He put them around his neck and ran over to J.B. Then they both quietly went through the doggie door into the kitchen.

“Now what?” Denny asked. “We can’t see anything here in the dark.”

J.B. sat down and wondered, “I know, go get our flashlight.” So Denny ran quick back to their doghouse to get the flashlight. He put it in his mouth and snuck back into the house again.

Denny shined the flashlight on top of the kitchen counter and it worked perfect; the water dish was there! They found it right away . . . o n l y . . . it was filled with candy, not water!

They looked over at each other and asked, “Who did that?” The water dish is ours to drink water from, not a candy dish,” Denny explained.

Denny pushed a kitchen chair over to the counter and hopped on to take a closer look. What a surprise he found!

He jumped off the chair so J.B. could hop on the chair and take a better look.

“Oh my goodness!” J.B. exclaimed. And goodness it was, it turned out that little Rita filled their water dish with dog treats for them. She must have been planning on surprising them with it.

“We can’t let her know we found out her surprise,” Denny worried, “She’ll know we are secret detectives that figured it out.”

So Denny and J.B. left the kitchen and went back into their doghouse until the morning.

“I just hope she remembers to give it to us,” Denny said to J.B. “Me too,” J.B. mumbled back to Denny.

When morning came little Rita went out to get Denny and J.B. for breakfast. She brought them back in the house to the kitchen and told them to cover their eyes.

Little Rita giggled with delight, “See the special dish I made up for you guys!”

Denny and J.B. ran over to thank little Rita by jumping up to hug her all over and lick her with kisses for her special surprise.

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