A Sunny Morning at the Beach

You can call me Muzik. . . . .

and you can call us Twinkle…..Sprinkle……and Krinkle

Twinkle, Sprinkle and Krinkle woke up to the big bright sun shining in through the attic window. They slept up in the attic last night just for fun. Grandma Rose let’s them sleep wherever they want to in the house, as long as they are quiet. So last night they picked the attic.

They all love to play their Ghost games up in the attic. With the darkness, the emptiness, and even a few creaky sounds, it makes it a super fun place to play their Ghost games. One of their favorite games to play is “Geistes Ghost Blitz.Krinkle won last night. He seems to always win at this game. But the girls don’t mind, they still enjoy playing.

After they finished playing the Ghost game, Sprinkle read a story out loud from their favorite ghost book ,“Grandpa’s Ghost Stories.” After they play a game they like to read a story so that Muzik too can enjoy himself. Muzik doesn’t play with games very well since he is a cat.

Twinkle asked Sprinkle and Krinkle, “Do you think Grandpa Ray heard us at all last night in the attic?” “No, I don’t think so,” Sprinkle replied, “We all were so quiet, well, except for Muzik. He would not sit still all night long. I heard him moving around a lot and singing to himself.”

“At least he did not play his music,” Twinkle said back to Sprinkle, “Grandma Rose would have enjoyed listening to his music, but Grandpa Ray would be wanting to know where the music was coming from.”

The three little ghosts and Muzik the ghost cat huddled together under the bright sun beam coming through the window and talked about what they should do on such a bright sunny day.

Twinkle said, “Let’s go to the park. There will be a lot of kids to play with there and you know how much I love to swing. Krinkle, you like to slide down on the big winding slide, and Sprinkle likes to whirl around on the little merry-go-round.

Sprinkle wanted to play around the neighborhood and see all the kids out playing, she thought that maybe they could even play with them. The kids can’t see them, but they might be able to see Twinkle’s lights during the daytime and Sprinkle’s gold star dust. Perhaps they could even hear Krinkle’s scary, eerie sounds. And if they brought Muzik with them, he could play some music for the kids to dance to.

“I know, I know, I have a terrific idea,” Muzik beams, “We can do all of that too down at the beach! There will be lots of kids to play with down there too. And take me with you, after all, it was my idea!”

They all agreed that the beach sounded like a lot of fun to do today, especially because it was so warm, bright and sunny out.

After Grandpa Ray has his breakfast, Grandma Rose fixes breakfast for Muzik and the three little ghosts. Grandma Rose always waits until Grandpa Ray leaves the kitchen, then she cooks up breakfast for everyone else.

“It’s such a beautiful, warm sunny day today, I hope you make plans of some sort to be outside and not in the house today,” Grandma Rose says as she prepares some oatmeal for everyone.

Muzik sings to Grandma Rose as loud as he can, “The beach! the beach! We are going to the beach today! And it was my idea!”

Grandma Rose answers back, “What a fun day you will have today! Muzik, I think that is a wonderful idea. Just be careful not to scare any of the kids, okay?”

“Oh, we won’t do that,” Krinkle chimed in, “We love to play with other kids.”

The little ghosts and Muzik thanked Grandma Rose for the delicious oatmeal she made for them and ran out the door to head on down to the beach.

The beach was pretty crowded already. A lot of kids were taking advantage of the beautiful, sunny day today.

Twinkle wanted to play in the water. She thought it would be neat to light herself up and let the kids see her colorful lights through the water. She found some kids playing in the water on some very colorful swim rings. She went over by them and hopped on one of the rings. She lit up her lights to make the water shine with her own colorful lights, and along with the kids’ colorful rings, it was a beautiful spectacular sight to see!

Sprinkle of course wanted to play in the sand. Some of the kids were playing with beach balls, and it was fun for her to try to dodge the beach balls for awhile. After playing with them she wanted to sprinkle some of her gold star dust and mix it up with the sand. She wanted to make the sand dazzle in the sunlight. She saw that some of the kids at the beach had some sand tools that they were playing with. So when the kids weren’t looking, she borrowed some of their sand tools, a shovel and a rake, to mix up her gold star dust with the sand. She was so excited to know that everyone would be able to see how the sand looked in the dark tonight with her gold star dust mixed in with it. Everyone will surely be “bedazzled!”

Krinkle wanted to hop on the swim rings with the kids too, just like Twinkle did. He thought he could make his scary, eerie sounds right along with the sound of the waves. It would make surfing the waves on the swim rings even more fun for the kids.

Muzik chased after one of the kid’s remote control cars that rode not only on the sand but in the water. He was soaking wet from going in the water and worn out from chasing the car on the sand. He wanted to just lay around now on the beach on a blanket and play his relaxing music for the people who like to come to the beach to sleep and get a tan in the sun. His soothing, lullaby music will help them fall asleep. And who knows? He might even pick up a suntan himself! But after laying in the sun for awhile and drying off he decided it was too hot so he found a beach bag on the beach to crawl into to get out of the sun. The beach bag was laying under a big beach umbrella, so he knew he would be more comfortable.

After a few hours of playing it was lunchtime. Most of the people at the beach had brought a picnic lunch with them. The little ghosts never thought to ask Grandma Rose to pack up a lunch for them. They were all hungry from playing all morning long and decided to go back home for some lunch.

As they ran into the house they all excitedly exclaimed to Grandma Rose, “Grandma Rose, Grandma Rose, we had a terrific time down at the beach! There were so many kids and all kinds of fun things to play with. We can’t wait to go back, but next time, would you pack us up a picnic lunch to take with us?”

“Of course I will,” Grandma Rose replied back.

Muzik and the three little ghosts all cheered together, “Yay! The next time we go to the beach we can stay all day!”

Grandpa Ray came back home from being down at the gas station with his friends. The gas station is where the men in the neighborhood like to hang out.

“Grandma Rose, we heard down at the gas station that there was a lot of commotion down at the beach this morning. We heard that the lake lit up with colorful lights, as beautiful as can be, but with scary, eerie music playing in the background. And the sand now glistens like crazy with gold in it, and people were falling asleep on the beach to the sound of soothing, lullaby music. Do you know anything about it?”

Grandma Rose hesitates . . . she hangs her head down to think about it . . . she looks up . . . then she shrugs her shoulders and answers back to him, “Why no, Grandpa Ray, I don’t know a thing about it!”


What are your favorite toys to play with at the beach?

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